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Perceptions of trustworthiness and attractiveness (online)

We invite you to participate in a study designed to investigate how we judge trustworthiness and attractiveness from faces. You will evaluate trustworthiness and attractiveness from 2D images of men and women’s faces. You will also be asked for demographic data such as your age, gender, and country of origin. After evaluating images of faces, you may be asked to complete a second extended questionnaire about personal values and lifestyle preferences (e.g. movies, music, reading). You will be able to omit any questions you feel uncomfortable with, and your data will be kept strictly confidential.

At the end of the questionnaire, if you wish to take part in a cash prize draw (3 prizes of £35 or local currency equivalent) you will be provided with a code and asked to email it to an email address specifically set up for collating prize draw entries. Once data collection is complete, the winning participants will be selected at random by the School IT Manager, who will email the winners, requesting their full name, bank account number and swift code, where relevant. Upon receipt of these details the University Finance Office will organise payment by bank transfer.